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Goldolphin Beacon Project

Newmarket Academy Godolphin Beacon Project

Vision 2021/2022

The Newmarket Academy Godolphin Beacon Project (NAGBP) was launched in September 2016 as part of a shared vision between Newmarket’s largest employer, Godolphin, and the town’s only secondary school to support and develop the career progression pathways of students in the local community of Newmarket. 

The Beacon Project aims to raise the aspiration and ambition of every Academy student. It is a fully funded programme sponsored by Godolphin and delivered by the education charity Racing to School. 

The Project, which is now firmly established, is an outstanding part of the Academy and gives our students opportunities which are unique in any secondary setting across the country. We believe our community work is an outstanding part of our school and the NAGBP is the driving force behind so much of the good work that takes place for our lucky students. 

Racing to School – Overview 2021/2022

Racing to School offers free education programmes to school pupils and students, including students at Newmarket Academy. These programmes are delivered at racecourses, trainers’ yards, and studs across Great Britain. Racing to School offers a practical approach which helps enrich the curriculum at the Academy. The activities are designed to enhance the students’ understanding of topics delivered in the classroom by the teachers. 

Godolphin – Overview 2021/2022

Team Godolphin spans four continents, from their home in Dubai to Europe, Australia, Japan, and America. Their royal blue silks are among the most iconic sights in elite horseracing. They have won over 5,000 races worldwide. However, there is so much more to the world of Godolphin. From supporting their local communities to sponsoring educational and vocational programmes, Godolphin seeks to create awareness, passion and care for the thoroughbred and nurture both their industry and people that surround them. 

Academic Year Groups – Opportunities

The Beacon Project offers opportunities for all year groups and sets out to provide students with the tools and confidence to pursue their career ambitions. Racing to School in partnership with the teachers at the Academy create activities to enrich the school curriculum, inspire young people and develop student leadership. Students have access to a number of varied but interconnected practitioners in the sport, with each providing voluntary insight and advice about facets of working life. The aim in 2021/22 is to offer over 30 events and give every student from each year group a chance to participate in a career focused activity. 

Impact on Careers, Learning and Provision 2021/2022

The Beacon Project has had a significant impact on the careers provision at the Academy. It has enabled us to raise the profile of the careers available to the students of Newmarket Academy. Students now have a more in-depth understanding of the wide variety of careers available in the horse racing industry and associated industries in Newmarket. 

Due to the success of the Beacon Project, a range of local employers, from a number of industries, are now involved with the Academy and are offering a host of opportunities to the students. The partnership caters for all year groups which is a key element in the appeal for all professionals involved and their own professional development.

Ethos and Values – NAGBP 

The ethos of the NAGBP is to widen and develop the aspirations of Academy pupils with the ambition of Racing to School to use racing as a gateway to unique educational experiences and career development. The racing community’s assets and networks form the bedrock of a structured, measurable education programme across all year groups, including guidance on opportunities and pathways to employment within the sport and associated industries in Newmarket. 

The key values that underpin the programme are community, co-operation, and partnership, which mirror those of the school and are woven into every activity. By creating long-lasting networks between various local organisations and businesses, it is hoped that an environment can be created that will lead to more opportunities being made available to graduating students, while at the same time, equipping them with the skills necessary to take advantage of those opportunities.  

“The partnership with the Newmarket Academy has had a very positive impact across the wider, nationwide work of Racing to School, so too our reputation for innovation and collaborative work. Developing and adapting from scratch an enriched education and careers programme to meet the changing expectations and needs of each year group has been a fascinating and rewarding challenge for our team.”

John Blake, Chief Executive Racing to School

“I am very proud of the strong partnership that sustains the Beacon project in Newmarket. I listen to feedback and each year build on the past experiences of the students through creating new activities and challenges. It is their recognition of the NAGBP as being an enjoyable and worthwhile part of their curriculum that has encouraged the charity and Academy to invest more time in designing the best possible programme to give each young person something of value.”

Ollie McFail, Programme Manager Racing to School

“Godolphin is delighted and proud to be sponsors of The Newmarket Academy Godolphin Beacon Project.  The project enhances learning, raises ambition and aspiration and enables students at the Academy to access a wide range of career pathways.”

Hugh Anderson Managing Director Godolphin

For our town’s young people to have the opportunities that the Beacon Project provides them, plus this unique insight into an industry intrinsic to the future of the area, is really something to be cherished.Knowledgeable, ambitious graduates of the Beacon Project programme should be the envy of many of our sister towns, and it is absolutely right that, in line with The Jockey Club’s ethos of investing in the future of the sport, that we are its proud allies.” 

Amy Starkey, Regional Director, Jockey Club Racecourses
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