Newmarket Academy


Leadership Team

Martin Witter

Victoria Horne
Deputy Headteacher

Neil Fisher
Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour and Attendance

Sophie Gynn
Assistant Headteacher – Academic Progress and Raising Standards Lead

Richard Hall
Assistant Headteacher – Character and Student Leadership

Jacky Hill
Operations Director – Data and Timetabling



Nina Matthews– Associate Assistant Headteacher (English)

Craig Staples – Lead Practitioner for English

Jennifer Bennett – Teacher of English, Second i/c English

Lesley Densham-Wilson – Teacher of English

Elizabeth Merry – Teacher of English

Roz Lawson – Teacher of English


Paul Bloom – Associate Assistant Headteacher and Head of Maths

Barry Woodward – Teacher of Maths, Second i/c Maths

Robert Bolton – Teacher of Maths, Lead Practitioner Mathematics

Christine Shand – Teacher of Maths, Assistant Coordinator for STEM

Carl Simmons – Teacher of Maths


Laura Elsden – Associate Assistant Headteacher and Head of Science

Lucy Surridge – Lead Practioner for Science

Helen  Harridge – Teacher of Science, Second i/c Science, Assistant Head Tutte

Claire Fuller – Teacher of Science, Assistant Coordinator for STEM

Keeley Hoyle – Teacher of Science & Director of Extended Learning

Adam Rash – Teacher of Science


Tiffany East – Head of Art, Head of Year 7


Charlotte Kuell – Head of Drama

Jordan Bond – Teacher of Drama & Music, Head of Year 8

Design Technology

Richard Hall – Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Design Technology

Kira Barnard – Teacher of Graphics, Art, Craft and Design

IT/Business Studies

Danielle Dawson – Head of Business & IT, NAGBPP Coordinator

Susan Vince – Teacher of ICT and Computer Science

Food Technology

Alison  Young – Head of Food Technology

Physical Education

Lee Crick – Head of PE

Lorna Adams – Teacher of PE

Neil Fisher – Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of PE

Alfie Norman – Teacher of PE, International Youth Programme Coordinator (NAIYP)


Emma Holness – Head of History

Dawn Gordon – Head of Geography

Lucy Matten – Head of RE

Samuel Barker – Teacher of History, Head of Year 11

Sophie Gynn – Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Geography

Robert Wilkinson – Teacher of Humanities, Head of Year 10


Nina Sturgess – Head of MFL

Angela Jarvis – Teacher of French

Abigail Dallas – Teacher of French


Martin Sorento Dichmann – Head of Music

Jordan Bond – Teacher of Drama & Music, Head of Year 8


Abigail Baker – SENDCo

Teaching Support

Jacky Hill – Operations Director

Tabitha Bourne – Paraeducator, Polaris

Lisa  Collins – Senior Cover Supervisor

Charlotte Collins – Teaching Assistant

Kieran Hawkins – Cover Supervisor

Debbie Hoxley – Teaching Assistant

Kateryna Mazepa – Teaching Assistant

Nikki Johnston – Librarian

Katrina Langham – Teaching Assistant

Marion Lawler – Senior Science Technician

Phillippa Legg – Food Technician

Sarah Lowther – Paraeducator, Polaris

Sarah Matthews – Cover Supervisor

Ashley Lippe – Science Technician

Joanne Smith – Teaching Assistant

Katarzyna Sobczak – Paraeducator, Polaris

Zoraida Vazquez Rico – Teaching Assistant 

Ceri Williams – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Caroline Smith – Teaching Assistant


Georgia Bailey – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Stephanie (Steph) Davis – Pastoral Officer for Year 8

Deborah Robinson – Pastoral Officer for year 10

Annette Hill – Pastoral Officer for Year 11

Chris  Rogers – Pastoral Officer for Year 9

Helen Honeyball – Pastoral Officer for year 7

Deborah Wilson – Internal Exclusion Officer (Reflection)


Hayley Bacon – HR & Administrative Assistant

Sandra Barney – Attendance officer

Sheralee Clennell – Administrative assistant

Ian Jackson – Sports Development Manager 

Jasmin Finniear – Finance Assistant

Sian Newby – Headteacher’s PA

Lucy Jones – Exams and Data Officer

Dee Sale – Reprographics & Administrative assistant

Angela Richardson– Administrative Assistant

Terence Anderton – Exams invigilator

Maria Cullum – Exams Invigilator

Rodney King – Exams Invigilator

Rowena Berridge – Exams invigilator

Andree Bowmer – Exams invigilator

Ian Gowens – Exams invigilator

Julie Kowalczyk – Exams Invigilator

Caroline Overbeke – Exams invigilator

Colin Richmond – Exams invigilator

Pamela Tsiakkoura – Exams invigilator

Alison Lister – Exams invigilator

Janice Avella – Exams invigilator

Catherine Jones – Exams invigilator


Michael Munro – Site Manager

Ernie Keutgen – Caretaker

Jolanta Biskont – Cleaner

Janet Curnow – Cleaner

Dinah Dorling – Cleaner

Agata Gmyrek – Cleaner

Belinda Henderson – Cleaner

Angela Lille – Cleaner

Beata Wyczesany – Cleaner

Susan Harkness – Midday supervisor

Irene Keeley – Midday Supervisor

Ryan McClean – IT Support (TRUST)