Newmarket Academy


Leadership Team

Martin Witter

Victoria Horne
Deputy Headteacher

Darren Meitiner-Harvey
Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum

Neil Fisher
Assistant Head of School, Head of Franklin

Sophie Gynn
Assistant Head of School, Head of Tutte

Richard Hall
Assistant Head of School

Jacky Hill
Operations Director



Tiffany East – Head of Art


Charlotte Kuell – Head of Drama

Food Technology

Alison  Young – Head of Food Technology

ICT/Computer Science

Kieran Harker – Teacher of ICT & Computer Science

Physical Education

Lee Crick – Head of PE

Mark Kirby – Assistant Head of PE, Head of Brooke

Lorna Adams – Teacher of PE 


Norton Howells – Head of English

Melanie Hamilton-Davies – Teacher of English & Lead Practitioner

Jennifer Bennett – Teacher of English

Lesley Densham-Wilson – Teacher of English

Sophie Pelly – Teacher of English

Jessica Spicer – Teacher of English


Paul Bloom – Head of Maths

Robert Bolton – Teacher of Maths

Jane Goodland – Teacher of Maths

Christine Shand – Teacher of Maths

Carl Simmons – Instructor of Maths

Barry Woodward – Teacher of Maths


Laura Elsden – Head of Science

Helen Canning – Assistant Head of Science

Lel Blake – Teacher of Science

Jason Gibbons – Teacher of Science Polaris

Helen  Harridge – Teacher of Science

Keeley Hoyle – Teacher of Science & Director of Extended Learning

Alice Khan – Teacher of Science

Adam Rash – Teacher of Science


Emma Holness – Head of History

Dawn Gordon – Head of Geography

Lucy Matten – Head of RE

Samuel Barker – Teacher of History

Robert Wilkinson – Teacher of Humanities


Carla Borges – Teacher of MFL

Nina Sturgess – Teacher of MFL


Martin Sorento Dichmann – Teacher of Music


Abigail Baker – SENDCo

Catherine Fraser-Andrews – Specialist Provision Lead Teacher

Teaching Support

Lisa  Collins – Cover Supervisor & LAC Co-ordinator

Myles Cornwell – Science Technician

Danielle Dawson – Cover Supervisor

Belinda Farris – Supply

Freya Harman – Teaching Assistant

Debbie Hoxley – Teaching Assistant

Nikki Johnston – Librarian

Lucy  Jones – Teaching Assistant

Katrina Langham – Teaching Assistant

Marion Lawler – Senior Science Technician

Sarah Lowther – Polaris

Rebecca Macehiter – Communications Specialist

Sarah Matthews – Cover Supervisor

Claire O’Neill – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Tracy Payne – Teaching Assistant

Joanne Smith – Teaching Assistant

Katarzyna Sobczak – Paraeducator

Zoraida Vazquez Rico – Teaching Assistant 

Ceri Williams – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Sandra  Barney – Attendance officer

Stephanie (Steph) Davis – Pastoral Officer for Brooke

Annette Hill – Pastoral Officer for Franklin

Chris  Rogers – Pastoral Officer for Tutte

Deborah Wilson – Internal Exclusion Officer

Frances Hobbs – Alternative Provision Inclusion Officer


Claire Bailey – PA to the Headteacher

Sheralee Clennell – Administrative assistant

Ian Jackson – Sports Development Manager 

Jasmin Finniear – Finance Assistant

Deborah Robinson – Administrative assistant SEND

Angela Whitaker – Administrative Assistant

Victoria Jury – Data & Exams Manager

Terence Anderton – Exams invigilator

Rowena Berridge – Invigilator

Maria Cullum – Invigilator

Rodney King – Invigilator

Julie Kowalczyk – Exams invigilator

Caroline Overbeke – Exams invigilator

Alexandra Richardson – Exams invigilator

Colin Richmond – Exams invigilator

Pamela Tsiakkoura – Exams invigilator


Michael Munro – Site Manager

Patrick Nolan – Site Manager

Jolanta Biskont – Cleaner

Janet Curnow – Cleaner

Glenis Finding – Cleaner

Agata Gmyrek – Cleaner

Belinda Henderson – Cleaner

Angela Spinks – Cleaner

Beata Wyczesany – Cleaner

Susan Harkness – Midday supervisor

Irene Keeley – Break & Midday Supervisor

Helen Baker – IT Support (TRUST)

Ryan McClean – IT Support (TRUST)