Newmarket Academy

Values & Ethos

Our Values


Is caring about others. It is about wanting to help those who are hurting. Compassion is showing kindness to all people. 


Is being truthful with the decisions we make and the actions we take everyday.


Honours the good things we and others do. Respect values people and things for what and who they are. Respect honours people and things of special worth. 


Is being brave when we are scared. It is being able to do something when we feel bad or fear we might fail. 


Is being true to yourself and your beliefs


Is taking care of people and things that are ours. Responsibility is keeping our promises. It is doing our duty for our family, school, community and country. 


Is about being able to stay strong when things go wrong


Is gained through learning and doing. Wisdom is knowing what to do. It is knowing right from wrong, good from bad. 

Our Ethos

Newmarket Academy has ambitions to be a school that every member of the community can be proud of. We have three clear aims for our students. We want the young people of Newmarket to be:

Successful Learners

…who can enjoy and understand learning, are equipped with the skills to adapt and cope with an ever changing and unpredictable world and adopt a positive attitude towards lifelong learning. They have imagination and creativity and are emotionally intelligent and independent. 

Confident Individuals

…who understand how they learn, why they are learning and what they are learning, what they need to do to progress in their learning and how they can support the learning of others.

Responsible Citizens

…who understand their responsibility to themselves and others, how they make positive contributions to the life of the school and community. They also understand their responsibilities in relation to local and global challenges. In these contexts their actions and behaviours are driven by values and their strong sense of morality. Globally aware, citizens of the world understand that context is wider than locality.