Exam and Assessment Results 2018

Newmarket Academy GCSE results have risen again – the sixth year in succession. In the key measures the school has posted a 10% improvement on last year’s record breaking results. Principal, Nick Froy, has spoken of his delight after students achieved “fantastic” GCSE results.  “These results further demonstrate the ambition of the school and its ability to deliver ever improving outcomes for all our students” said the Principal. The results place the school close to the top 20% of all schools in the country. The headline figures of English and Mathematics have improved to 66% for students achieving 4+, up from 59%, and 40% for 5+ up from 32%.  

 “We are clearly delighted that the Ofsted judgement in May of 2017 last year which rated the school as ‘Good’ is further justified by these results which reflect another year of improvement” said Nick Froy.

 The school was particularly pleased with the performance of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who smashed a national trend of significant underperformance – in fact at the key measure of 4+ in English and Maths our disadvantaged students equalled the outcomes of all students against a national gap of 20 percentage points. The school also achieved parity between boys and girls again bucking the national trend. These outcomes are the product of very high levels of support possible in this small school and the support of the community which provided additional funding for disadvantaged students.

2018 2019
Progess 8  0.23 0.05
Average Attainment 8 score per student 45.2 42.27
% students achieving a strong pass in English and Maths 39% 32%
% students achieving a standard pass in English and Maths 65% 53%
% of students entering the Ebacc 79% 84%
% achieving grade 5 or above in Ebacc 18% 16%
% achieving grade 4 or above in Ebacc 27% 27%
% staying in education or employment  95% 95%

Performance Tables