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Newmarket Academy Staff contact List

Newmarket Academy wants to work closely with every parent and carer. We welcome contact and promise to reply to emails or phone contacts in less than two working days.

All queries should be directed to the child's tutor in the first instance.

Queries from the public should be addressed to Nick.Froy@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Mr N Froy Principal nick.froy@newmarketacademy.co.uk 
Mr N Fisher Assistant Principal of School - Head of Franklin House neil.fisher@newmarketacademy.co.uk 
Mr R Hall Assistant Principal of School - Head of Brooke House richard.hall@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss S Gynn Assistant Principal of School - Head of Tutte House sophie.gynn@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Ms E Wilson

Deputy Principal of School


Mrs J Hill Operations Director jacky.hill@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Watson SENCO clare.watson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs N Johnston SENCO nikki.johnston@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Brooke House Staff

Mr R Hall Head of House  richard.hall@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr L Crick Head of PE - Achievement Leader  lee.crick@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr M Davey Associate Senior Leader (English) martin.davey@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr M Kirby Achievement Leader - Assistant Head of PE mark.kirby@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Kuell Achievement Leader charlotte.kuell@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs S Davis Pastoral Officer steph.davis@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs J Bennett Tutor B8JBT jenny.bennett@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs M Davies Tutor B4MDS melanie.davies@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs G Guenigault Tutor B2GGT gill.guenigault@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs F Hobbs Tutor B12FHS fran.hobbs@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr N Howells Tutor B13NHS norton.howells@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs N Johnston Tutor B10NJN nikki.johnston@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs K Nolan Tutor B6KNN kate.nolan@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Franklin House Staff

Mr N Fisher Head of House   neil.fisher@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Ms L Blake Achievement Leader   lel.blake@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs H Canning Tutor F2HCG helen.canning@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Conway-Jarrett Tutor F3CCT christine.conway-jarrett@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs D Gordon Tutor F9DGN dawn.gordon@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs Hill Pastoral Officer annette.hill@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Matten Tutor F6LMN lucy.matten@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs S Matthews Tutor F1SMS sarah.matthews@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Dr  L Robson Tutor F4LRN laura.robson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr C Smith Tutor F12CSM colin.smith@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs J Spicer Tutor  Jessica.Spicer@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs A Wilson Tutor F5AWI anne.wilson@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Tutte House Staff

Miss S Gynn Assistant Head of School - Head of House sophie.gynn@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr C Rogers Pastoral Officer chris.rogers@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr Bolton Tutor T9RBN robert.bolton@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Collins Tutor T12LCS lisa.collins@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss D Dawson Tutor T6DDN danielle.dawson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss T East Tutor T3TET tiffany.east@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss K Hoyle Tutor T2KHE keeley.hoyle@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Smith Tutor T7CSH christine.smith@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr B Woodward Tutor T13BWD barry.woodward@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs A Wreford Tutor T11AWD alison.wreford@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs H Harridge Achievement Leader helen.harridge@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Teaching Staff  with subject areas

Mrs J Bennett English Teacher jenny.bennett@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Ms L Blake Science Teacher lel.blake@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr R Bolton Lead Practitioner: Mathematics robert.bolton@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss L Elsden Head of Science laura.bridge@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs H Canning Assistant Head of Science helen.canning@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Conway-Jarrett Maths & Child Development Teacher christine.conway-jarrett@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr L Crick PE Teacher lee.crick@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr  M Davey Head of English martin.davey@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs M Davies English Teacher melanie.davies@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss T East Head of Art & Photography tiffany.east@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr N Fisher PE Teacher neil.fisher@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr N Froy History Teacher nick.froy@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr C Gibson Science Teacher chris.gibson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs D Gordon Head of Geography dawn.gordon@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs G Goodchild- Colley Dance Teacher gillian.goodchild-colley@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs G Guenigault Head of Maths gill.guenigault@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss S Gynn Head of Geography sophie.gynn@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr R Hall Technology Teacher richard.hall@newmarketacademy.co.uk
 Mrs H Harridge Science Teacher helen.harridge@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs E Holness Head of History  emma.holness@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr N Howells English Teacher norton.howells@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss K Hoyle Science Teacher and Director of Extended Learning keeley.hoyle@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr M Kirby Assistant Head of PE  mark.kirby@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Dr D Kirkham Head of Resistant Materials david.kirkham@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Kuell Head of Drama charlotte.kuell@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Matten Head of RE lucy.matten@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs S Pelly English Teacher sophie.pelly@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Dr L Robson French & Spanish Teacher laura.robson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
 Mrs N Sturgess Teacher of MFL  nina.sturgess@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr T Vinall Head of Music tim.vinall@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr A Weston Geography Teacher adrian.weston@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Ms E Wilson Science Teacher elaine.wilson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr B Woodward PE Teacher and Student Leadership Director barry.woodward@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs A Wreford Assistant Head of Maths alison.wreford@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs A Young Head of Food Technology alison.young@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Support Staff

Mrs C Bailey PA to the Principal claire.lawrence@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs S Barney Attendance Officer sandra.barney@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr S Blyth Caretaker steve.blyth@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Collins Cover Supervisor lisa.collins@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr M Cornwell Science Technician myles.cornwell@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Miss D Dawson Head of Business Studies danielle.dawson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs J Finniear Finance Assistant jasmin.finniear@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs J Frost Office Manager julia.frost@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs J Hill Operations Director jacky.hill@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs F Hobbs API Officer fran.hobbs@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs D Hoxley Teaching Assistant debbie.hoxley@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr I Jackson Sports Development Manager ian.jackson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs K Langham Teaching Assistant katrina.langham@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs M Lawler Senior Science Technician marion.lawler@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs S Matthews Cover Supervisor sarah.matthews@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr M Munro Caretaker michael.munro@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs K Nolan Librarian kate.nolan@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr C Simmons Teaching Assistant carl.simmons@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mr C Smith Teaching Assistant colin.smith@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Smith Senior Cover Supervisor christine.smith@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Blades Resource Manager and IE lorna.blades@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs R Hampson EAL Coordinator rebecca.waller@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs L Whyatt Finance Assistant louise.whyatt@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs B Williams Work Experience Co-ordinator becky.williams@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs C Williams Teaching Assistant ceri.williams@newmarketacademy.co.uk
Mrs A Wilson HLTA anne.wilson@newmarketacademy.co.uk
For general enquiries please contact reception@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Newmarket Academy,

Exning Road, Newmarket,

Suffolk, CB8 0EB

Tel: 01638 664412

For general enquiries please email reception@newmarketacademy.co.uk

Newmarket Academy wants to work closely with every parent and carer. We welcome contact and promise to reply to emails or phone contacts in less than two working days.