Student Ambassadors

Newmarket Academy Student Ambassadors -  Roles and Responsibilities

The main responsibility is to be a role model for other students in the Academy.

Year 7 and 8

  • Tour Guides
  • Office Assistants
  • Refreshments at Parents Evenings
  • Write articles for Newsletters

Year 9 (In addition to the above)

  • Lead activities at Primary Schools
  • Site monitoring programmes
  • Interview potential staff
  • Parents Evening meet and greet

Year 10 and 11 (In addition to the above)

  • Level 2 Sports Leadership
  • Walk-throughs as part of subject reviews
  • Present Assemblies
  • Edit newsletters

Year 12 and 13 (In addition to the above)

  • Interview and select Ambassadors within each house
  • Take the lead in subject reviews
  • Represent the Academy at open events