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Newmarket Academy once again posts improved GCSE results GCSE students at Newmarket Academy have again exceeded expectations when it comes to assessing this year’s results.
The Year 11 students made even more progress than last year in the government’s measure of school performance.
For the first time the government is judging school’s performance by the value the school adds to each child.

Against last year’s shadow data, the school has improved its Value-added score from 1001 to 1018 - meaning students have made considerably more progress than students nationally.
Nick Froy, principal of Newmarket Academy, said “We are clearly delighted that students can come to the academy absolutely safe in the knowledge that they will make more than national average expected levels of progress – this is something for which Newmarket can be proud.”
Furthermore, in the other key measure – Progress 8, a method of assessing progress in a student’s best eight subjects including English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages – Newmarket Academy has increased its performance again moving from a Progress 8 score of 0.07 to 0.22.

Mr Froy added: “Both results confirm the Academy’s continuing transformation and validates our commitment to every child in the school and not just those on the borderline between C and D in the old measure.
“We are very pleased that on average our students in year 11 made greater than nationally expected levels of progress. It means that we can be confident that our strategy of recognising the needs of every child is the right one.’

Student achievements
Fantastic results by students at Newmarket Academy include Anna Armstrong who achieved 2A*s, 2 Distinction*s, 6As and 1B; Sylvia Moore 3A*s, 1 Distinction*, 5As, and 2Bs; Henry Frost 2A*, 7As and 2Bs; Alex Pearson 2A*s 7As, 1B and 1Merit.

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