Highly Able & Talented

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds November 2017 - Theatre Visit

Highly Able and Talented students visited the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds on Wednesday 22nd November 2017. We had the wonderful opportunity to see The Nutcracker. It is a experience which will live long in the memory! The level of performance was absolutely outstanding. Thank you to the all the performers and the Theatre for letting us come.

Suffolk One Sixth Form November 2017 - Sixth Form Visit

Highly Able and Talented students visited Suffolk One Sixth Form College on Friday 24th November 2017. The purpose behind the visit was to give our students first hand access to higher education at an outstanding institution. We would all like to say a big thanks to all at Suffolk One for making us feel so welcome and look forward to working with all the staff in the very near future.


Branding Competition November 2017 - Abbeygate Sixth Form Bury St Edmunds

Highly Able and Talented students from Newmarket Academy participated in a Branding Competition for the new Sixth Form in Bury St Edmunds, Abbeygate Sixth Form. The students had to design a new logo for Sixth Form. Students from Year 8, 9 and 10 created some amazing mood boards and logo's which we hope will win. Fingers crossed! 

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds September 2017 - Theatre Visit

In September 2017 Newmarket Academy students visited The Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds to watch Antigone. The evening was a really special cultural experience and we are all very thankful for the Theatre Royal for making us feel so welcome. 

Scholar Seminar October 2017 - Archaeology Seminar

In October 2017 Paul Clarkson visited us and delivered an outstanding learning experience for our students on the topic of Archaeology. The Scholar Seminar was really interactive and we really hope some of our students pursue a career in this amazing profession. 

Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, London

Students visited the five star Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, London, on the 3rd of July. It was a memorable day for all the students and they all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. They experienced several different industry sectors within the hospitality profession, which would never be seen be by regular hotel guests. All students visited different departments of the exquisite hotel which has since inspired many students to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. 

There were several departments the students visited, all with the same goal, to ensure their customers have a stay they will never forget. A favourite with the students were the kitchens. The hygiene routine and the unforgettable cuisine was an ‘impeccable experience’ for all. Simon, the executive chef of the hotel gave the students a detailed tour of the 7 kitchens, all used for different purposes and gave us an insight into the day to day lives of the busy chefs. Another popular experience was the tour of some of the hotels most wanted suites which gave the students an idea of the luxury the Jumeirah Carlton Tower provides its customers with. They also met some of the extraordinary team from the hotels events managers who explained their job with some of their most memorable moments and craziest requests. And the last tour the students went on was a meeting with the hard-working housekeeping team. They told us how their job is all about consistency and the new technology being introduced to make their jobs just a little bit easier.

Godolphin Masar Initiative 9th May 2017 - Godolphin stables Newmarket

On Tuesday 9th May 2017 Newmarket Academy's Highly Able & Talentede students had the amazing opportunity to visit Godolphin headquarters in Newmarket and learn about the history of Dubai. It was fantastic to see the Godolphin stables and meet the Masar trainees. We also had a wonderful insight into the world of horse racing and got the opportunity to meet some of the stallions at the stables. A huge thank you to all the staff at Godolphin for making us feel so welcome.

Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey visit 26/4/17 - Westminster, London 

On Wednesday 26th April 2017 Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Highly Able & Talented students visited the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey in London. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one which will live long in the memory. A huge thank you to Mathew Hancock MP and his staff for making this happen. 

HPA Revision Day 21/3/17 - National Horse Racing Museum

On Tuesday 21st March 2017 the Year 11 HPA students had their second revision day at the National Horse Racing Museum. The focus of the day was English, Maths and Science. We hope that this day helped all students in preparing for their GCSE's starting in May 2017.

Project feedback St Catharine's College 8/3/17 - Cambridge University

On Wednesday 8th March 2017 Newmarket Academy's Year 9 and Year 10 Highly Able & Talented students visited St Catharine's College in Cambridge for feedback on their research projects. We had a fantastic afternoon and met with a number of staff and Academics from the University. A huge thank you goes to Jessy and her team from the University and we look forward to building on our exciting partnership in the very near future.

UKMT Maths Challenge 1/3/17 - Bury St Edmunds

On Wednesday 1/3/17 Year 10 Newmarket Academy students competed in the UKMT Maths Challenge in Bury St Edmunds. Both teams won a certificate - the boys for winning a round and the girls for best teamwork throughout the event - we won that last year as well. 

The teams competed against teams from MCT, Thetford Grammar, IES Breckland, County, KEUS, St Benedict's, Culford and Hedingham. The girls did prop up the final table but the boys came a very impressive second, beaten by only 3 points by one of the County Upper teams. It was a very close competition. Well done to all.  

Highly Able & Talented Scholar Seminar 23/2/17 - Suffolk One 

On Thursday 23rd February 2017 Suffolk One came into speak to our Highly Able & Talented students about the new 6th Form opening in Bury St Edmunds. We had the wonderful opportunity of suggesting a possible new name for this new 6th Form. We hope we are successful and the name we suggested is used. Thank you to Suffolk One for giving us this opportunity. We look forward to working with Suffolk One in the very near future.

Barrow Playground Assault Course

On Wednesday 8th February 2017 Newmarket Academy's Year 11 HPA students visited The Playground Assault Course in Barrow. The objective of the visit was to build resilience and teamwork ahead of the up coming mock exams after February Half Term. A fantastic time was had by all. A huge thank you to The Playground for hosting us.


Highly Able & Talented visit to the National Horse Racing Museum 17/1/17 - Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11

On Tuesday 17th January 2017 the Highly Able & Talented students visited the recently opened National Horse Racing Museum. This was a follow up visit for our students from the summer. We had a fantastic time and the £50 million project was extremely interesting and thought provoking. We would highly recommend visiting this new building at the heart of Newmarket and thank all staff from the Museum for their time.  

Highly Able & Talented Scholar Seminar 13/1/17 - Year 8 and Year 9

On Friday 13th January 2017 the Highly Able & Talented student participated in Project Launch with Cambridge University. All Year 9 and 10 students will be undertaking an individual research project on a topic of their choosing. They will submit their findings to St Catharine's College and go in for feedback at the beginning of March 2017. A huge thank you to all at St Catharine's College for this wonderful opportunity.


This year - round programme will bring a range of outstanding academics and fascinating speakers to Newmarket Academy. The guest speakers will deliver a range of presentations on varying issues from the world of business to education.

  • Guest speaker on Wednesday 10th May 2017: Masar Godolphin
  • Guest speaker on Thursday 15th June 2017: Suffolk Air Ambulance Steve Holt
  • Guest speaker on Monday 16th October 2017: Paul Clarkson Archaeology
  • Guest speaker November 2017: Abbeygate Sixth Form College 

  • January 2017 - Mathematical Challenge at Cambridge University
  • January 2017 - Visit to British Horse Racing Museum
  • Friday 13th January 2017 - St Catharine's College Cambridge - Student Project Launch
  • Wednesday 8th February - Assault course day with Year 11 HPA students
  • February 2017 - Naming the new Trust 6th Form
  • March 2017 - Visit to St Catharine's University for Project feedback.
  • Tuesday 21st March 2017 - HPA Revision Day 2 at Palace House
  • Wednesday 26th April 2017 - Visit to the Houses of Parliament
  • May 2017 -  Godolphin engagement project
  • May 2017 - Mock interviews with NAGBP
  • June 2017 - National Sports week National Heritage Project Newmarket
  • July 2017 - Jumeirah Carlton Tower Visit
  • September 2017 - MAGPAS Air Ambulance
  • September 2017 - Engineering Institute Cambridge University
  • September 2017 - Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds
  • November 2017 - Suffolk One Sixth Form
  • November 2017 - Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds
  • November 2017 - London Film Producer
  • April 2018 - UKMT Maths Challenge

  • Intermediate Maths Challenge - February 2017
  • Junior Maths Challenge - April 2017
  • UKMT Team Challenge - March 2017
  • Year 10 Feast - February 2017
  • RSC Top of the Bench Science Competition - The Bedford School 
  • New Sixth Form Bury St Edmunds naming competition - September 2017
  • Abbeygate Sixth Form Bury St Edmunds branding competition - November 2017


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Comment from Paul Clarkson November 2017


"They were a delightful group to work with, interested and eager for the challenge of acquiring new skills and ideas. Participation was excellent. I am glad that I set a high level of skill challenge as they were definitely up for it. They were a polite group and several students came up to me at the end to thank me personally."


Comment from St Catharine's College Cambridge University April 2017

"The students looked very smart, they were beautifully behaved, so enthusiastic and really nice to have in the college. A real credit to the school.  They were all really polite, engaged students with interesting ideas. It was lovely hearing all of the feedback about their projects and watching them listen to each other. Some of the projects were really advanced for the age group."

The Master said: "St Catharine's and Newmarket Academy clearly have a strong relationship and are enjoying great success working together".

Comment from National Horse Racing Museum Newmarket

"It was a pleasure to have the Newmarket Academy students attend our Audience Testing workshop. They engaged with all the activity stations, they gave constructive and useful feedback and were friendly and confident in discussing their thoughts about the exhibits. They were a credit to the academy and we hope we can work with them again in the future."  June 2017