Focus on Attendance and Punctuality

Research has shown that regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial factors in students achieving their full potential in education. At Newmarket Academy we wish to work in partnership with parents and so are seeking your full support in ensuring that your son/daughter attends school every day and on time. We are always pleased to work together with parents in resolving any difficulties but we are also committed to improving attendance levels at the school.

The target attendance figure for all pupils is a minimum of 96% attendance. If they fall below this percentage relevant intervention will be put in place by the House Achievement Leader. 

We are monitoring students closely whose attendance is falling and will contact you if your son/daughter’s attendance does not improve. As a parent you are committing an offence if you fail to ensure that your son/daughter attends school regularly and punctually, even if they are missing school without your knowledge. It is important that parents monitor single days of absence, as these days soon add up to weeks.

We also reward students who attend school each day and whose attendance is improving. Students are also rewarded for good punctuality.


Impact on Achievement 

Regular attendance is not just a legal requirement, but it is vital for pupils to maximize their learning, and achieve full potential here at Newmarket Academy. Research proves that the link between attendance and achievement is categorical. Please see below the link between attendance levels and achievement levels according to government statistics:

  • 96% or above attendance figure = 82% chance of achieving 5 A* - C
  • 93.5% attendance figure = 74.3 chance of achieving 5 A* - C
  • 92.5%- 93.49& attendance figure = 60.4% chance of achieving 5 A* - C
  • 88 and below attendance figure = 26.7% chance of achieving 5 A* - C


Achievement and Wages

As we can see from above attendance has an impact on achievement. This can also have a knock on effect for students when they reach the world of work. The government statistics below show the impact achievement can have on students earning potential:

  • 1-4 GCSE grades can increase your wages by 17%
  • 5 or more GCSE A- C grades can increase your wages by 41%
  • Employees with no qualifications earn an average of just £7.44 per hour
  • Those with only GCSE’s earn £9.02 per hour
  • People with A-levels or equivalent earned an average of £10.27 per hour
  • Students who graduate from university with a degree earn an average of £15.01 per hour

What we are asking you to do

As a parent, there are important steps that we would ask you to take to support us in this focus on high levels of attendance:

  • Ensure your son/ daughter attends every day, on time, equipped and ready to learn. Tutor time begins at 8.30am and students should be in the building by 8.20am. Students arriving after 8.50am may be marked absent and will require an explanatory note or the absence will remain unauthorised.
  • Ensure the school has up to date addresses and telephone numbers. We will contact you if your son/ daughter is absent and you have not contacted the school. This ensures that any absence is quickly identified.
  • If your son/ daughter is ill, please contact the school on each day of their absence.
  • If you wish to check that your daughter has arrived at school contact the school reception on 01638 664412 and we will inform you if your son/ daughter has been registered.
  • If no contact is received regarding the absence, it is recorded as unauthorised. Ultimately the school is responsible for deciding if the absence is acceptable or not. Only genuine absence will be authorised. You will be asked to provide medical evidence if your son/ daughter has a poor attendance record.
  • Please ensure that medical appointments are made outside of school time.
  • Avoid trivial absences such as, ‘buying new shoes’. This would not be accepted as a reasonable absence.
  • Holidays should not be taken in school time. Any Leave of Absence can only be agreed by the Principal and only agreed where there are exceptional circumstances (see below).
  • Respond to letters or telephone calls regarding attendance and punctuality.
  • Contact your son/ daughter’s form tutor if you are experiencing difficulty in getting your child into school.

Thank you for working in partnership with us to achieve the highest possible levels of attendance and punctuality at Newmarket Academy.


Exceptional Circumstances

Anyone seeking time off during term time for exceptional circumstances must fill out a leave of absence form in advance of the request for absence.

The Government has renewed appeals to parents not to take their children out of school during term time.  The Governors and Head Teacher of Newmarket Academy support this and have decided that students will only be given permission to take leave in term time if there are exceptional circumstances.  Each application will be considered and Mr Froy will determine the duration of any leave if it is agreed and authorised. However, if the application is not agreed and the absence occurs the dates will be recorded as unauthorised. Parents will be notified of any decision in writing. This notification may be hand delivered directly to the parent, posted to the parent’s home address or emailed to the parent.

We are asked to inform you that, in line with Suffolk County Council Policy, unauthorised absence may be subject to a penalty notice fine of £60 payable per parent, per child, increasing to £120 each if not paid within 21 days.  If this fine is not paid within 28 days this may lead to court proceedings.